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Kathryn Duncan

KathrynDuncan-Original Paintings

Ypsilanti, MI


Welcome and thanks for visiting my site. I hope you will come back soon to view my latest creations.

I am an artist and painter, and find my inspiration in nature's beauty, colors, and backyard wildlife, especially birds. During the past several years, my artwork has focused on watercolor painting, and I've developed a passion for this medium. My work explores these subjects during ordinary, yet extraordinary moments. At the heart of my work is a desire to capture one wondrous moment in time, which will not fade away, wilt, or change with the seasons. I enjoy creating unique compositions of various nature scenes, and filling my paintings with colors that pop, harmonize, and balance. Through my artwork, I seek to communicate my appreciation, awareness and vision of our natural surroundings. My core style is realistic with impressionistic backgrounds.

Please note:
The way this site works is by selecting a gallery below and clicking on any image, so it expands for a better view. Please note that watermarks do not appear on final art pieces. I think my watercolor paintings look best printed on watercolor paper, so I recommend that paper selection when you decide to order a giclee from this site. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or requests. Thank you for your interest in my art work!

Visit my website and blog at: http://kathrynduncan.com
Original artwork can be purchased at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KathrynMDuncan
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* Copyright Notice: All work in this gallery is the original art work of Kathryn Duncan. It is copyrighted to Kathryn Duncan, and is protected by US and International Copyright laws. These art works may not be reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of the artist. Kathryn Duncan. All Rights Reserved.


Two To Tango - Peonies by Kathryn Duncan


Sunshine Rose by Kathryn Duncan


Cherry Blossoms by Kathryn Duncan


Magnolias by Kathryn Duncan


Garden Walk - Poppies by Kathryn Duncan


Into The Woodlands by Kathryn Duncan


Ramblin Rose by Kathryn Duncan


MI UP Lighthouse by Kathryn Duncan


Oak Leaves and Acorns by Kathryn Duncan


Poinsettia rose2 by Kathryn Duncan


Three Pumpkins On Deck by Kathryn Duncan


Hummingbird In Beebalm by Kathryn Duncan


Autumn Birch by Kathryn Duncan


Garden Party by Kathryn Duncan


Wild Blues In White Dogwood 2 by Kathryn Duncan


Life Is A Beach by Kathryn Duncan


Autumn Roses by Kathryn Duncan


Roses Are Red by Kathryn Duncan


Wild Blues in White Dogwood by Kathryn Duncan


Tea For Two by Kathryn Duncan


Poppy Garden by Kathryn Duncan


Just Glow With It by Kathryn Duncan


Go With The Glow by Kathryn Duncan


Glowing Once Glowing Twice by Kathryn Duncan


Springtime Red Blooms by Kathryn Duncan